Tigerfish Reviews:How I Earned $80,000 from Tigerfish ( With Proof )

Tigerfish Reviews: The Complete Guide For You (Update Jun 2018)

Tigerfish Reviews

Today’s post, I try to completely discuss in this post “Tigerfish Reviews”. You already might know about Tigerfish Company. Transcription is one of the most desired work at home job types. Tigerfish Company generally hires available transcription jobs where you can work at home with your flexible time. However, if you find yourself searching the right places, you might run into information about companies like Tigerfish. In spite of having little or no experience in transcription, tigerfish gives you the opportunity to do work here. I suggest you, You don’t think that means they hire just anyone though. This content is about Tigerfish Reviews.

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What Is Tigerfish?

Tigerfish is known as transcription company that has established since 1989. They have been providing transcription, proofreading and editing services and generally hire freelance contractors to complete transcription tasks while working from home with flexible time.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Tigerfish Transcriptionist?

    1. Having a Windows Computer
    1. High-speed internet
    1. Good Quality Headphone
    1. good typing speed (60 – 80 wpm)
    1. Having Accurate spelling and punctuation
    1. Telephone where you can be reached regularly
    1. Having the ability to write well
    1. Having Express Scribe transcription software(Free download)
  1. You  should be a citizen (above 18 years old) residing in the U.S

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How Much Can You Make Money?

Tigerfish Reviews


The official Tigerfish website has not talked about the Tigerfish pay. Some old Tigerfish employees told and show me they’re weekly how much earn. As a tigerfish transcriber, you can earn a minimum $0.005 per word or more transcribed that depends on your skill and Clints.  

Within the forum, one tigerfish old employee says that he can make up to $15 an hour, but he is pretty good at transcribing.

As a beginner, you can make around $7 to $10 per hour.

What Is The Application Process Of Tigerfish?

The TigerFish Application is a little different than most other sites. Applying for Tigerfish requires providing some sample work. You must read finish their guideline, which you can be found on their application page. After you will download audio files (from their website) and you provide 3 samples. They also ask you to include how long it took to transcribe each audio file.

Next, in the email, they ask for any experience you have and education details. Then you will need to provide a brief description of yourself, your writing abilities, education, and background, including any relevant experience.

Finally, if you are accepted you can expect to wait within a few weeks. Until you don’t get hired you may never hear anything back.

Tigerfish Reviews

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How Do I Learn More and Apply?

If you are interested to do work with tigerfish Company, you can learn more to visit their Employment page for directions to apply.

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