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Hello, everyone! My name is Miton Chandra Roy.I am the owner of homebasedjobshq.com blog site.I started this blog for those people who want to do extra jobs from home Like housewife, students.We also write content for helping unemployed people.Read my this blog regularly and become a full-time online worker.

Who is Miton Chandra Roy?
Some of you may be thinking, who is miton Chandra Roy. Firstly,I am a professional blogger.My mission is helping others to grow their income and live a property free life.

My Work at homebasedjobshq.com  journey:
Every story has a nice beginning.My story was beginning since 2010.Since that time I was a student of SSC.I started my entrepreneurship.I bought mutual fund share.It was running good.But One day my share price has gone down.I lost almost $1000.I became afraid.My First entrepreneurship was dead.But I learned a good listen from my first entrepreneurship.

Then I started an online business.But lack of knowledge.I didn’t do good in online.Then I decided to learn more about online business.I started to learn.It was 11 February 2015.I started this blog site.

Homebasedjobshq.com Vission:
There are many people who have a day job.But he/she waste their evening valuable time.There are many housewife and student who searches online jobs. I want to help those people to find real home based jobs.

Where to Find me:
If you want to learn more.You can connect me via email, facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+

You can also contact me via my email —

email address:[email protected]

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